What is Amazon Hub Counter? Important Guide

Keeping your packages safe from porch pirates is a top priority for many Amazon shoppers, and it’s clear that the retail giant understands this.

That’s why Amazon launched its Hub Counter and Hub Locker program – providing a secure place for shoppers to pick up their deliveries.

But what are these Amazon Hub Lockers and Counters, and how do they work?

What is Amazon Hub Counter? Important Guide

In this guide, I explore the ins and outs of Amazon Hub service, so you’ll be prepared when choosing your delivery method.

You’ll learn how to use an Amazon Hub Counter or Locker, the differences between the two, and information about becoming an authorized provider.

Whether you’re looking for a secure alternative to standard shipping or want to know more about Amazon’s services, this guide has all the answers.

Amazon Hub Counter vs Locker?

What is Amazon Hub Counter? Important Guide 1

The Amazon Hub Counter program has been changing the delivery game since its launch in the United States in 2019.

Acting as an extension to the already thriving Amazon Hub Locker program, this innovative initiative allows local businesses, such as whole foods stores, grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores, to become secure locations for package pickups.

With an assigned custodian present, this option provides customers with a safe and reliable alternative to home delivery.

Wondering how it works?

Order your product from Amazon and pick it up at your designated Hub Counter location by presenting your pickup code to a friendly representative.

Thanks to this face-to-face interaction, the Amazon Hub Counter program adds an extra touch of personalization while eliminating concerns over porch piracy. However, it’s important to note that Amazon Hub Counter locations may vary by location.

On the other hand, Amazon Lockers are automated delivery and returns points located in various cities.

Customers can select an available locker during checkout and have their package delivered there – no need for a custodian or pickup code!

Once your package has arrived, you’ll receive email and text notifications with a unique pickup code.

When you’re ready, visit your Amazon Locker location and enter the code to access your package. It’s as easy as that!

Amazon Hub Counter vs. Amazon Hub Lockers

Amazon Hub Counter and Locker differ in several important ways. With the Counter option, you can physically walk into a location and retrieve your package from a staff member, offering a face-to-face interaction you won’t find with Amazon’s popular Locker feature.

On the other hand, the Locker option provides a self-service kiosk for a quick, streamlined experience without any human interaction.

Using an Amazon Hub Locker is a more convenient option when it comes to receiving your Amazon packages. These lockers offer a self-service experience, meaning you can access them at any time as long as the locker location is open.

So, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can pick up your packages whenever it’s most convenient. All you need is the unique code sent to you upon completing your online purchase.

Moreover, the counter at your local store will have specific hours of operation, providing additional security for your parcels.

On the other hand, lockers are conveniently located in public areas such as malls and apartment buildings, making them easily accessible for quick pick-ups.

Regardless of your choice, you can rest easy knowing that your package is much safer from porch pirates than if left out in the open.

So pick the one that suits you best and enjoy worry-free package pickup!

How Much Does Amazon Hub Cost?

The good news is that it won’t cost you a penny! That’s right; there are no additional fees for using this convenient delivery option.

Online shoppers pay the same amount for their purchases and shipping as they would with any other delivery service on Amazon. And if you prefer to pick up your package at an Amazon pickup counter, you can do so at no extra charge.

Just head to the assigned counter and grab your product hassle-free. With Amazon Hub, you can enjoy fast and free delivery options without any hidden costs.

How To Use Amazon Hub Counter or Locker?

What is Amazon Hub Counter? Important Guide 2

Shipping to Amazon Locker is easier than you think! If you’re looking for a secure and speedy way of retrieving your items, follow these simple steps while ordering products on the popular platform.

  1. Add a qualifying product to your cart and log-in to continue.
  2. Search for an applicable Pickup Point nearby using a landmark, address, or zip code.
  3. Look up ‘Amazon Hub Counter near me‘ on the checkout page.
  4. Once you’ve identified where you’d like to collect your order from, click “Ship To This Address” and finish placing it as usual.
  5. Finally, get hold of that all-important six-digit code so you’re ready for pick-up time!

Your order will be delivered by Amazon to your designated pickup location. You will receive an email and/or text message once a delivery driver drops it off, to notify you that you can now pick up your order.

Wondering how you can pick it up once your order arrives? Here’s how…

For Amazon Lockers

Learn the steps to utilize Amazon Hub Lockers, which mandate a pickup code:

  1. Start by heading over to the designated locker area.
  2. Once you arrive, in your delivery confirmation email, you’ll get the 6-digit pickup code and barcode.
  3. Key the code in on the touchscreen display or use the handy locker scanner. Your package is now accessible in no time, without the fuss.

If you’re looking to pick up your Amazon delivery from the locker, you’ll need the Amazon Hub app installed on an Android or Apple device.

  1. Head over to the locker area and tap ‘Start Pickup‘ in the delivery confirmation email.
  2. The Locker info page will appear in the Amazon Shopping app and establish a Bluetooth connection with your Locker automatically.
  3. As soon as it’s connected, simply tap ‘Open Locker‘ on your phone’s app, and your package is available for collection!

With this simple system, collecting orders from Lockers is quick and easy.

What Does Amazon Locker Look Like?

What is Amazon Hub Counter? Important Guide 3

These smart lockers are typically branded with Amazon’s iconic logo, making them easy to identify amongst other locker options. With convenience at the forefront of the design, Amazon lockers are tailored for seamless pickup experiences.

When you approach the locker, you’ll notice a keypad on the front panel where you’ll input your assigned pickup code. Once you do so, the locker will open to reveal your package inside.

Whether you’re a frequent online shopper or looking to streamline your pickup experiences, the Amazon locker is definitely worth checking out.

What are the Advantages of a Hub compared to Home Delivery?

Here are just a few of the advantages that Amazon Hub offers compared to home delivery:

  • Customers can get their packages faster and more conveniently than ever before. These easily accessible pick-up spots are strategically located closer to your home or office, making it effortless to grab your purchases on the go.
  • No more fretting about parcels being left at the wrong doorstep or missed deliveries on those hectic workdays. With Amazon’s new curbside pickup service, customers have the luxury of collecting their items at their own convenience.
  • The Amazon hub package hiding feature lets you easily keep your surprise safe from prying eyes.
  • Instead of waiting for a package to be delivered to your doorstep, Amazon Hub Counters provide a personalized experience that brings a human touch back into the online shopping experience.
  • The convenience of easily returning orders by simply dropping off the box at a designated pickup spot.
  • Another advantage is the speed of delivery, as picking up items from a nearby location can often be faster than waiting for a delivery driver to make it to your doorstep.

Essential Reminders on Amazon Hub Counter


To ensure you can use Amazon Hub Counter for your order, it’s important to remember that not all Amazon products are eligible for pickup.

To be eligible for Amazon Hub Counter pickup, your package must meet the following requirements:

  • The package must weigh less than 10 pounds.
  • The item’s measurements must not exceed 16 x 12 x 14 inches.
  • Amazon must sell or deliver all items in the package.
  • The order must be under $5,000.
  • The package must not contain hazardous materials, Subscribe & Save items, products for Release-Date Delivery, or items from other countries.

In order to be eligible for Amazon Locker pickup, the following requirements must be met:

  • Amazon must sell or deliver every item in the package.
  • Nothing in the package should weigh more than 33 pounds or exceed 36 x 24 x 24 inches.
  • Certain retail partners may have more stringent restrictions.
  • The package must not contain goods that need special treatment, Subscribe & Save items, or products for Release-Date Delivery.
  • You must be accessible for delivery within 24 hours.

Amazon Hub Hours

Most Amazon Hub counters have the same hours as the stores they are located in. So, whether you’re picking up a package at a Whole Foods Market or at a 7-Eleven, the hours of the Amazon Hub will align with the store’s hours.

Amazon Hub Max Hold

The Amazon Hub Max Hold policy ensures that your orders are only held for up to three business days.

If you miss the window, there is no need to worry. Your package will be returned to Amazon, and receive a full refund.

But who wants to go through all that hassle?

Head over to one of the many convenient Hub Counters and pick up your package within 14 days or less.

With this simple rule, Amazon is making sure that your orders get to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Amazon Hub Counter or Locker: How to Set Up

Setting up an Amazon Hub Counter or Locker in your business could be a game changer. By becoming a locker or counter location, you’ll enjoy a new influx of foot traffic to your store, boosting brand awareness.

Who wouldn’t want that kind of free advertising?

If you’re an apartment complex, providing a locker for your tenants is a convenient way to ensure they receive their packages safely and securely.

Plus, with the increasing popularity of online shopping, having an Amazon Hub Counter or Locker in your business is a smart move.

If you’re interested in becoming an Amazon Hub Counter or Locker, here are three steps for signing up.

  • Head over to their Partner With Us page on the Amazon Hub sign-up website and fill out a questionnaire with your location details and contact information.
  • After submitting this form, if you meet all of Amazon’s criteria, they will be sure to reach out about placing either a locker or hub at your place of business.
  • If you’re approved, Amazon will send over installation and setup information. Once the equipment is installed, your customers are ready to start using it for their pickup needs.

Common Questions

Is Amazon Hub Only for Amazon Packages?

Unfortunately, Amazon Hub is only available for those who are Amazon customers. This includes the apartment-based Amazon Lockers, which are exclusively for residents of that building.

While it may be disappointing for those who use the site sparingly, this exclusive service ensures that Amazon customers have access to a secure and convenient delivery option.

Does Amazon Locker Ships Faster?

With Amazon Lockers, you can look forward to receiving your packages sooner than ever!

This lock-box system eliminates the sorting phase of shipping, ensuring fast and efficient delivery. Amazon even has a policy that requires packages to be delivered within 14 days or less, so you can count on your orders arriving when expected.

Plus, with the secure lock-box system and efficient delivery process, customers can rest assured that their items will arrive safely.

Can Goods be Returned to a Hub Locker or Counter?

Returning goods to an Amazon Hub Locker or Counter has always been challenging! Whether you prefer the convenience of a locker or the interaction of face-to-face service, Amazon Hub has got you covered.

If you choose a locker drop-off, enter the code provided on the touch screen, and voila! Your item is returned. And if you prefer counter delivery, show the store staff your QR code and let them handle the rest.

With Amazon, returning products has never been simpler! So go ahead, and make that purchase with confidence, knowing that if you need to return it, Amazon Hub has got your back.

Do I Get Paid for Hosting an Amazon Locker?

The answer is no. However, this doesn’t mean that hosting one isn’t worthwhile. In fact, there are plenty of benefits to being an Amazon Hub host that could make it a valuable investment for businesses.

For example, hosting a locker or counter in a grocery store could attract shoppers who stop by to pick up their Amazon orders and end up buying other products while they’re there.

This foot traffic could ultimately lead to increased sales and more revenue for your business.


Amazon has made package delivery and pickup a breeze with their convenient Hub Counter and Locker services. With these options, customers can enjoy a safe and secure way to receive their items without worrying about missed deliveries or stolen packages.

Whether you prefer the personalized touch of a staffed counter or the flexibility of lockers, Amazon has got you covered. It’s also helpful to be aware of Amazon’s delivery times to avoid any potential inconveniences.

So, say goodbye to the hassle of waiting around for packages and hello to a stress-free delivery experience with Amazon’s Hub Counter and Locker services.

It’s also quite helpful to know Amazon’s delivery times to avoid inconveniences with Amazon deliveries.


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