Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday? Here’s What to Expect

Online stores are now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With that, the delivery speed matters for many customers.

Amazon is among the fastest delivery service available. Yet, the prime question among its customers is whether Amazon delivers on Sundays.

Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday? Here's What to Expect

Yes, it does deliver on Sunday.

Amazon does deliver on Sundays, but there are restrictions. For example, the same-day or one-day delivery options aren’t available on Sundays. 2-day shipping remains available for all Prime members. Be familiar with the deadlines for placing orders.

I will do my best to cover everything you might need about Amazon packages, including shipping options and cut-off dates.

If you are wondering whether Amazon delivers packages on weekends, continue read to find out further.

Amazon Does Delivery on Sunday, But..

Yes Amazon do delivers on Sunday …but not everywhere.

Amazon is often considered an American multinational technology company that delivers packages during the week. Amazon does deliver on Sundays, but not to everywhere.

Amazon delivers household goods on weekends only in selected cities and rural areas.

If you want to know if Amazon can deliver your order on a Saturday, check out the complete list of cities and ZIP codes that are eligible on their website.

If your location is not on the list, you can still get fast shipping by selecting one-day delivery at the checkout.

Amazon is there to help you, even at the weekend.

How Does Amazon Handle Deliveries on Sunday?

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, and their delivery service on Sunday allows them to offer weekend deliveries.

How does Amazon able to deliver on Sundays? The answer is simple!

Amazon partners with large retailers and churches in order to use these venues as distribution centres. Amazon drivers are able to reach more customers in less time.

Amazon workers place the packages in trucks to be shipped by either UPS or USPS. When they arrive, the package will be scheduled to be delivered the next time in the area.

The supplier will have to take some time if the delivery is not made that day.

The delivery will proceed to the destination after the problem has been resolved. UPS drivers must deliver packages in accordance with the company’s standard distribution rules.

Amazon uses GPS-tracking vehicles for special delivery. They can then map the most effective route to ensure that orders are delivered on time.

Does Prime Include Sunday Delivery?

Amazon Prime Membership gives you access to streaming services, packages, and free shipping.

Many people wonder if Sunday delivery is included in Prime Accounts. Yes, it is.

Amazon Prime members get free delivery on Sundays. It might arrive early on Sunday morning.

Select “Sunday Delivery” when placing your order to take advantage of the weekend delivery option.

Your order will then be delivered the following Sunday. If you are in a rush, you can still order it on the weekend.

You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member.

Who is Responsible for Amazon Sunday Deliveries?

Amazon delivery on Sunday has become a part of everyday life for millions of people in the United States.

Who exactly is responsible for these deliveries?

Amazon usually hires a group of workers. The workers arrive in the early morning to sort out the packages.

The driver then loads all the packages into his vehicle and heads out to their destination. The delivery driver usually finishes around noon.

As a rule, workers will return to Amazon’s warehouse after delivering the last package. They unload the vehicles there and prepare for other deliveries the following week.

How to Check if Amazon Delivers in Your Area?

You can determine whether they deliver items on weekends using two methods.

You can enter your ZIP code in the search bar on Amazon’s site. You’ll notice a message saying, “We deliver Sundays” if Amazon delivers to your area.

Contacting customer service is the second option. Customer service can be reached by phone or online chat. If you are speaking to customer service, have your ZIP code handy so that they can check if Amazon ships to your area.

If Amazon delivers to your area on a Sunday, you can have your products delivered to your door.

Can I Track Sunday Delivery?

You will be able to track deliveries on Sunday. When your order ships, you will receive a tracking code.

You can track the progress of your package through Amazon’s shipping partners website once you’ve located your tracking number.

Contact the customer service department if you have questions regarding your delivery or when your package will arrive.

What is The Cost of Amazon’s Sunday Delivery?

Shipping costs are determined by the weight and size of the goods being shipped as well as their destination.

Customers can sign up for Amazon Sunday Delivery, starting at $19.99 per monthly subscription.

Amazon offers two-day free delivery on many items, with no minimum order required.

Delivery times for standard shipping are usually between three and five days. However, this can be extended during peak seasons.

What Time Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

Delivery times can vary based on where you live. Sunday deliveries are generally made between 9 am and 8 pm. This is true for the majority of locations. However, in some places, delivery times can be different.

In rural areas or locations with limited accessibility, packages can be transported later in the day.

Amazon will provide a driver to distribute items between the hours of 8 pm and 9 pm. You can expect to receive your shipment within an hour of receiving the products.

US Postal Service offers faster deliveries than other postal services. Holidays can extend the time. UPS and USPS will rarely deliver after 6 pm.

The USPS will also have a more limited delivery schedule than the usual one since it operates during all Federal operating hours.
You can check Amazon’s website for information or call customer service if you have any questions.

This is a very rare situation, but it can happen. If Amazon delivered your package to the wrong address, follow this guide to find out how to fix it.


When to Order for Amazon Sunday Delivery?

Amazon packages are available in selected markets. Orders should be received by Saturday noon.

Does Amazon Deliver on Easter Sunday?

Yes, Amazon does deliver on Easter Sunday surprisingly.

Since Easter is not considered a U.S. Federal holiday, Amazon will still deliver your packages.

Can I Select Delivery on Sunday?

Yes, sure.

This is an excellent option for people who work during the week or have a busy weekend schedule.

Does Amazon Prime Member Get Free Delivery?

Yes, it’s absolutely free. This is a great option for people who want to avoid the mall crowds.

What Time Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

It totally depends on where you live on the mailman’s route. The closer you are to the mailman’s route, the earlier you will get the deliveries.

Are There Any Extra Fees for Amazon’s Sunday Delivery?

No, standard shipping rates are applicable every day of the week, including Sundays. This includes non-Prime members.

Do I Have to Be an Amazon Prime Member?

No, you don’t. All Amazon members qualify for Sunday delivery.

If I have an Amazon Locker will Amazon Deliver on Sundays?

No deliveries to Amazon Lockers on the weekends. Amazon delivers to Amazon Lockers only during normal business hours (Monday to Friday).

Will Amazon Deliver if I Use Amazon Prime to Place an Order?

If you order through Amazon Prime, it may be possible to schedule delivery on Saturday.

You will select “Saturday Delivery” when you place your order.

You can set up your Amazon Locker account to be in “vacation mode”, which will allow you to send your items to a different address while you are away.


Amazon is the leader in online retail. Amazon offers fast, reliable shipping. They also deliver on Sundays to many locations.

Does Amazon deliver on Sundays? Yes.

You can get free shipping for two days on millions of products and just $3.99 for one-day delivery if you are an Amazon Prime member.

In some cities, you can even get your order delivered in an hour.

See also: Amazon package not received.


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