Does CVS Take Apple Pay In-Store and Online?

Are you a frequent customer of CVS?

You may be curious if CVS accepts Apple Pay as a payment option, considering it is a popular contactless payment method.

CVS initially accepted Apple Pay when it was launched. However, CVS later disabled Near Field Communication (NFC) readers in shops to stop Apple Pay. The practice continued until 2018 when CVS began accepting Apple Pay within its stores.

Does CVS Take Apple Pay Online and In-Store?

The question, “Does CVS accept Apple Pay?” still exists, or perhaps you have ever wondered.

I will answer all your questions regarding Apple Pay at CVS.

Continue reading to learn more about Apple Pay at CVS in-store and online, how it can be used at the checkout, and whether you can receive cash back with Apple Pay and other payment options available at CVS.

What is CVS?

CVS Pharmacy is a well-known retail pharmacy chain with a strong presence in the United States.

With over 9,800 locations, it’s the US’s largest pharmacy chain. CVS is a well-known American household that offers a wide variety of products and services. They offer cashback with debit cards and money orders.

The company was established in 1963. It has grown to be one of the most important retailers in the US.

CVS offers many other products and services in addition to prescription and over-the-counter medications. These include beauty and personal care products as well as groceries.

Does CVS Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, CVS accepts Apple Pay at their stores in the US.

Apple Pay allows you to pay for your purchases with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch using digital payments.

Apple Pay allows you to make purchases at participating retailers by linking your payment details to your Apple account. Simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near a contactless payment terminal to make Apple Pay purchases.

Can Apple Pay be Used at CVS Self-Checkout?

Yes. CVS self-checkout accepts Apple Pay as a touch-free payment mode in all CVS pharmacies.

Just hold your Apple device near the payment terminal, and then use Touch ID or Facial ID to complete the transaction when using the self-checkout lane.

Does CVS Pharmacy Accept Apple Pay in-Store?

Yes, they do accept Apple Pay in their retail shops. Before you go to CVS, it’s essential to understand how to use Apple Pay in a CVS retail store.

Apple Pay can be used with your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad to purchase stuff once you have added a credit card to your Apple Wallet.

Paying with Apple Pay is easy. Your Apple device can be used to make a purchase at any CVS location that allows contactless payments. To complete the transaction, simply hold your Apple device near the payment terminal and authorize your purchase using your passcode or Face ID.

Does CVS Accept Apple Pay on CVS App or Online?

Yes, CVS accepts Apple Pay online or through its mobile app.

Select Apple Pay as the payment option when shopping on CVS’s website or app. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction.
Using Apple Pay at CVS Checkout, in-Store or Self-Checkout.

It’s easy to use Apple Pay at CVS. These steps will allow you to use Apple Pay at CVS, whether you’re shopping online, checking out in the store, or using the self-checkout lanes.

  • Make sure your Apple device is up-to-date and that Apple Pay is active.
  • Choose Apple Pay to pay at the checkout, on the CVS app or website.
  • To complete the transaction, hold your device close to the payment terminal or use a passcode or Face ID.

Can You Get Cash Back with Apple Pay at CVS?

Cashback services are available at all CVS stores up to a certain amount per transaction. Ever wonder if CVS offers cashback with Apple Pay when you shop at CVS.

You can receive cash back at CVS with Apple Pay. However you can only access cashback if you add a Discover Card to your Apple Pay account.

Also you must choose the Discover card payment option when using Apple Pay to get cashback. When you make a payment at CVS, the app will ask if you require cashback.

You can select the policy limit if you need cash back. You can get as much as $120 cashback per day with Discover cards.

Do CVS Charge Fees to Use Apple Pay?

No, there are no fees to use Apple Pay when shopping at CVS stores.

Apple Pay is an easy and affordable way of paying since there are no additional fees.

Does CVS have Apple Pay Limits?

No. CVS Pharmacy does not impose any limit on how much you can spend using Apple Pay at CVS.

However, a daily maximum of $120 limit is imposed for enjoying Apple Pay cashback using Discover debit cards.

Does My Local Store Accept Apple Pay?

Look for the contactless payment symbol at the checkout to determine if your local CVS store accepts Apple Pay.

Apple Pay will be accepted at your local store if the store accepts contactless payment.

What Other Payment Methods does CVS Chains Accept?

CVS Pay accepts Apple Pay as well as cash, all major credit cards and debit cards (such as the Discover Cashback Debit Card), Google Pay, Samsung Pay, EBT SNAP, Reliacard balance, personal checks, PayPal, Venmo QR codes, WIC, Coupons, GoodRx and, of course, CVS gift cards.

CVS does not accept expired coupons and money orders at checkout.


Does CVS in Target take Apple Pay?

Yes. CVS accepts Apple Pay at all its locations that have NFC payment terminals. Target outlets are also included.

Does CVS Accept Digital Wallets?

CVS accepts many digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, Venmo, and Google Pay, among others. Customers can use them to shop in-store, self-checkout and online.

Can CVS Accept Apple Pay for Instacart?

Yes. CVS stores accept Apple Pay on Instacart.

How Can I Pay at CVS Store Without a Card?

CVS accepts cash, checks and digital wallets such as Apple Pay. Customers can also pay with prepaid cards and gift cards.

Which CVS Pharmacy Chain Accepts Apple Pay?

Many online and offline retailers, including CVS, accept Apple Pay.

To get the most current information about accepted payment methods, visiting your local store or checking their website is important.


You can make purchases with your Apple Pay account from your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, regardless of whether you are using self-checkout, in-store payment, or both.

Apple Pay is convenient and secure for CVS customers. They can carry cash, credit or debit cards to shop at CVS pharmacies.

You may not know Apple Pay can be used at many other retailers. For example, Apple Pay can be used at Amazon, Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts.


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