Does Dominos Take EBT / Food Stamps?

Does Dominos take EBT? At 60 locations in the United States, yes!

You can use your SNAP benefits to purchase pizzas and other restaurant meals if you qualify for the Restaurant Meals Program.

We’re not talking about cash but food benefits!

Does Dominos Take EBT / Food Stamps? 1

Pizza cravings can strike any moment and without warning, no matter your financial situation.

Suppose you are eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Program benefits and get a Domino’s craving.

In that case, you can use the Electronic Benefits Transfer card (EBT) at participating Dominos restaurants; if you reside in the correct state.

You need to be aware of a few details before you order the large pizza with all the toppings and extra cheese.

You may be disappointed at the cash register if you don’t.

Does Dominos Take EBT?

Dominos accepts EBT / Food Stamps at 60 locations throughout California. You can only use it at certain locations.

The addresses are listed below. The Restaurant Meals Program is only available at these Dominos locations.

There is some good news. Many other states are working on their own versions of the program.

This means that there may be more locations added in the future. Bookmark this page if you like pizza, and come back often to see updates.

Who Can Buy Domino’s Using EBT Food Stamps?

Only if you qualify for the Restaurant Meals Program can Dominos accept EBT.

To be eligible, you must meet all three criteria:

  • You must reside in an area that offers a restaurant meal program.
  • You are unable to prepare your own food at home if you’re elderly, disabled, or homeless.
  • You must buy food at a restaurant which has been approved for EBT.

Your caseworker will automatically activate your card if you meet these requirements.

Sometimes this step is missed. You may have to ask your caseworker for help if you think you’re eligible but your card has been declined.

What Can I Buy at Dominos with EBT?

Dominos does not sell any items other than food, so your SNAP benefits should allow you to purchase anything from the menu.

The benefits are meant to be used for food purchases, so only edible items can be purchased with them. SNAP EBT benefits cannot be used to purchase non-food products or merchandise.

However, Dominos specializes in selling hot, delicious food. You should be allowed to use EBT to purchase anything from the menu.

  • Breads
  • Chicken
  • Desserts
  • Drinks
  • Oven-Baked Dips
  • Pasta
  • Pizzas
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Extra sauces, seasonings, and condiments

You’ll still need to budget for the RMP. If you want to get the most out of your RMP benefits, look for coupons and discounts.

If you are looking for discounts, their mobile app, Coupons tab on the website, and promotional mailings are great places to start.

Why Does Not Every Dominos Accept EBT?

Currently, SNAP is accepted in 60 out of 6,571 Dominos Pizza stores nationwide. It’s a good start, but people without access to the program are still frustrated.

Many reasons exist for why many locations do not have the capability to process EBT. It is because the RMP has not been authorized in every state yet.

Therefore, not all restaurants have the option to participate. Some restaurant owners are unwilling to participate, even in states where the RMP is available.

They say that there’s too much paperwork and monitoring. Some restaurant owners may not consider it worth it or may feel overwhelmed by the process.

Many reasons exist for why business owners choose not to participate.

What Dominos Locations Accept EBT?

It’s possible that one Dominos accepts EBT but not another. This is because each location must be approved independently by the government.

Make sure you visit a restaurant set up to accept SNAP EBT.

You can find Dominos locations that accept EBT by searching alphabetically for your state, city, and county.

What Domino’s Take EBT Near Me?

The nearby Domino’s that accept EBT depends on whether or not your state has a restaurant meal program.

You may find that Domino’s near you accepts EBT funds to purchase cold food from their menu. This could be a sandwich or salad, a soda, or filtered drinking water.

Most pizza restaurants that accept food stamps only operate in states with the Restaurant Meals Program.

Pizza restaurants in Arizona and California accept EBT. To buy hot or prepared food, you must be eligible for RMP.

Domino’s Fast Food Restaurants that Take EBT Food Stamps Near Me in Arizona

Arizona has an RMP, and Domino’s accepts EBT in many locations throughout the state. There are few Domino’s in Arizona that accept EBT.
This is a list 5 Domino’s Pizza restaurants in Arizona that accept EBT:

  • Flagstaff
  • Mesa
  • Phoenix
  • Tempe
  • Tucson

View the participating restaurants in Arizona, including their contact details and addresses.

Domino’s Restaurants That Accept EBT Food Stamps Near Me in California

Nearly 100 Domino’s restaurants in California are part of the Restaurant Meals Program.

Below is a list of counties in California that are part of the CalFresh RMP.

  • Los Angeles County
  • Orange
  • San Diego County
  • San Francisco County
  • San Luis Obispo County

Visit the California EBT/SNAP cardholders user portal to find a Domino’s that accepts EBT. Enter your local county, and then type “Dominos” in the “retailer/bank” field.

Why Does Domino’s Only Take EBT in Certain States?

Domino’s only accepts EBT in certain states due to the SNAP rules.

EBT cardholders are only allowed to use their cards for staple foods that they must carry and prepare at home.

You can’t buy hot food prepared at the point of sale or luxuries like alcoholic beverages and gourmet foods in places like Walmart, Publix, Aldi Whole Foods, Safeway, or Kroger with your SNAP money.

This creates a challenge for those who are elderly, disabled, or unsheltered and cannot cook at home.

To assist, SNAP has created the Restaurant Meals Program that allows them to purchase prepared food in restaurants.

SNAP does not require states to participate in RMP. Domino’s products are not eligible for EBT in states that don’t offer restaurant meal programs.

Dominos has not been authorized to accept EBT food stamps for all six of the states listed above. It’s up to each state to determine which restaurants are approved and who is eligible to use an EBT card.

Only a few counties, mostly in California and Arizona, allow Domino’s to accept SNAP EBT at select locations.

You’ll find only a handful of Domino’s stores that accept EBT in the United States.

You may find that a few fast food restaurants in the four other counties that participate in RMP accept EBT for cold items such as beverages, baked goods, salads and sandwiches, protein bars, take-and-bake-pizza, or even if you carry them home to warm up. It’s up to the manager.

How Can I Pay Using EBT at Domino’s?

It is important that you go to the restaurant personally.

If you choose to have your order delivered, you can pay using EBT but not pick it up. Your card must be swiped physically in the store to complete the transaction.

The process is the same as buying candy bars at a gas station or groceries at a grocery store. You simply swipe your card at the terminal.

Check your receipt before you leave. Dominos cannot charge tax or tip on orders that are paid for with EBT.

If you see these charges on your invoice, you should immediately dispute them.

The first thing you should do is complain to the restaurant. You can dispute the charges if they do not reverse them.

Domino’s EBT Food Stamps Policy FAQs

It’s not surprising that so many EBT users are confused about this. They have been told for years that they can’t buy restaurant meals or hot food with EBT.

Does Dominos take EBT?

Domino’s accepts EBT at 60 of its locations across the United States.

Does Domino’s Restaurants Accept EBT or Cash?

Some places accept both! Many restaurants in California that accept food benefits under the Restaurant Meals Program also accept EBT cash.

Does Dominos Fast Food Restaurants Take EBT for Delivery?


You cannot use EBT to pay for delivery when you swipe your card at the restaurant.

What are The Domino’s Payment Options Apart from EBT / Food Stamps?

Domino’s accepts the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Gift Cards

How to Use an EBT Card at Domino’s Fast Food Restaurants?

You can order Dominos online or by calling them. You’ll need to enter your credit card details when you reach the checkout.

You’ll want to make sure to ask your local Dominos store if it participates in the EBT program.

Your EBT card can be used at any restaurant or store that accepts it. You are not restricted to Domino’s for your benefit.

Remember only to buy the food you need, no matter where you eat.


So, does Dominos take EBT? Yes, Dominos does accept EBT at participating locations.

Not all stores are part of the program. You’ll have to ask your local store if it accepts EBT.

You may find that if you live in a state with RMPs, you can use EBT to purchase cold items such as take-and-bake pizza, salads, or beverages.

Usually, it’s up to the manager of the store. You won’t be allowed to use EBT for pizza or other hot prepared foods.

Domino’s pizza does not accept EBT for online orders. You can still use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or other payment methods such as cash, debit card, credit card, Domino’s gift cards, Reliacard money, and PayPal.


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