Does Target Take Apple Pay?

Founded in 1960, Target is a well-known retailer that has built a strong reputation by offering a large selection of products, competitive pricing, and wonderful bonuses like price matching.

They have always been on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to payment methods, making it simple for customers to pay using a range of options, such as Target gift cards and many credit cards like Visa and Mastercard.

You can also pay at the checkout counter by using your Target debit card or Target Mastercard.

Does Target Take Apple Pay

Nonetheless, inquiries about Target’s acceptance of Apple Pay are common. Does Target accept Apple Pay?

I answer these questions and how to pay quickly and easily in-store and online.

So…Does Target Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Target does accept Apple Pay.

Target became one of the most recent retailers to start accepting Apple Pay in 2019 with the debut of their program. Using Apple Pay at Target offers several benefits and is convenient and easy.

One of the key benefits of using Apple Pay at Target is the additional level of security it provides.

When you use Apple Pay, the merchant never receives your actual credit card number, reducing the risk that your financial and personal information would be compromised in the event of a data breach.

Instead, Apple Pay protects the security of your data by authorizing transactions using a unique Device Account Number and a one-time security code.

How Can Apple Pay Be Used In-Store?

To use Apple Pay to pay for your purchase at Target, simply follow this step-by-step tutorial.

At the counter, let the cashier know that you want to pay with your Apple Wallet.

To open Apple Wallet, double-press the power key on your phone.
To unlock the app and allow it to handle your transaction, use Face ID.

Your Apple device’s back will need to be tapped on a card reader screen when informed by the cashier. If you’re wearing one, tap your Apple Watch’s screen on the card reader.

Wait for a notification to appear after tapping your mobile on the card reader to confirm your purchase and complete the transaction.

Is It Safe to Use Apple Pay at Target Stores?

Yes, it is.

When merchants take credit cards or debit cards as payment, they usually hold their customers’ financial information, leaving them vulnerable to theft by hackers and fraudsters.

These risks can affect even online retailers. On the other hand, Apple Pay offers a more secure payment method that helps protect your financial information.

Apple Pay encrypts all your data information to protect your financial information, as their service was designed with security and privacy in mind.

When you add your debit or credit card to Apple Pay, actual card numbers are not retained on your device or Apple systems. A unique Device Account Number is instead generated, encrypted, and securely stored on your device.

Hence, even if your smartphone is lost or stolen, your financial information is maintained private.

Does The Target App Take Apple Pay?

Did you know that you can use Apple Pay to shop on the Target app? It’s super convenient and easy to use.

If you want to use Apple Pay at Target, all you have to do is download the app!

And the best part?

There’s no need to set up anything. Simply install the Apple Wallet with a credit or debit card, and you’re good to go.

Happy shopping!

Does Accept Apple Pay?


But only under certain circumstances.

Apple Pay is only available on if you are using an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

Safari is also required to access

Apple Pay is not available if you are using Chrome or Firefox.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Self-Checkout?

Yes, you can.

The process is similar to buying from a “regular” checkout counter.

Just double tap the on/off button on the side of your iPhone. Put it directly above the contactless terminal to complete your purchase.

Are There Any Fees for Using Apple Pay at Target?

Using contactless payment services like Apple Pay can be a convenient and secure way to make purchases, especially in a world where contactless options are becoming increasingly popular.

One concern that some customers may have when using these services is whether there are any additional fees associated with using them.

However, when it comes to using Apple Pay at Target, customers can rest assured that they won’t be charged any extra fees.

Target is one of many retailers that have adopted contactless payment options like Apple Pay, recognizing the benefits that these services can offer to customers.

One of the benefits of using Apple Pay at Target is that customers don’t have to worry about paying any additional fees. Target covers the cost of the transaction, so customers can enjoy the convenience and security of using Apple Pay without any extra costs.

This applies whether you are shopping at your local Target store or using the Target app.

You can use Apple Pay to make in-store and online purchases without worrying about any additional fees.

Target wants to make the shopping experience as convenient and seamless as possible for its customers, and offering contactless payment options like Apple Pay without any extra fees is just one way it does that.

What Other Payment Methods Does Target Accept?

Target accepts a wide range of payment methods both in its stores and on the app, including:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards like American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.
  • Debit Cards that have a Visa or Mastercard logo on them.
  • Target RedCard like Target Debit Card, Target Credit Card, and Target Mastercard.
  • 3rd Party Gift Cards that must be from Visa, Discover, AmEx, or Mastercard.
  • Merchant gift cards
  • Target Gift Cards like Target eGift Cards and mobile Target Gift Cards
  • Prepaid gift cards
  • Mobile Target gift cards
  • Target temporary slips
  • Target app payments
  • Gift certificates (e.g., Target corporation gift certificate)
  • Personal checks
  • Rebate checks
  • Merchant vouchers
  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) – in approved Target stores only
  • Campus Cash – in approved Target stores only
  • Alipay – in approved Target stores only
  • 3rd Party Installment Plans like Affirm, Afterpay, Zip, Klarna, and Sezzle.

Questions People Usually Ask

Can I Use Google Pay at Target?


You can use Samsung Pay or any other contactless Digital Wallet in addition to Google Pay. does not accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

Can I Use Apple Pay with My Target RedCard?

No. Target doesn’t accept Target RedCards with Apple Pay right now, but it does accept Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Dollar General doesn’t accept Apple Pay either. Dollar General doesn’t accept any digital wallets.

DG GO! is its own app for payment.

Dollar General only offers this app to customers who prefer to use their phones to pay for purchases.

Note that not all Dollar General stores accept payment via DG GO! app at this time.

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?

No. Apple Pay is not accepted at Walmart, but it is at Target.

Does Target Circle Offer Rewards when I Use Apple Pay?

Yes. Even if you use Apple Pay, you can still earn or get rewards from Target Circle.

Is Apple Pay Safer than A Physical Card?

Yes. Apple Pay is safer than physical cards because it doesn’t share your card number or who you are with merchants.

Also, there are no limits on how much you can spend at Target in the US when you use Apple Pay, but there is a limit in Canada, and you need a PIN or signature for purchases over $50.

When I Use Apple Pay at Target, Are There Any Limits?

No. You can spend as much as you want at your local Target store or on the Target app in the US.

Final Take

Target is a store that lets you pay in many different ways, such as with credit cards, gift cards, Target debit cards, and Target Mastercards.

Since 2019, Target has also accepted Apple Pay, which makes it easier and safer for customers to shop there.

Apple Pay is easy to use and safe at Target because it uses a unique Device Account Number and a one-time security code to protect customers’ financial information.

Apple Pay is also free to use at Target, whether customers shop in-store or through the Target app.

In short, Target keeps developing new ideas and giving customers various payment methods that meet their needs and preferences.


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