Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay? Earn 3% Cashback

I was surprised to discover that Walgreens is America’s 2nd largest pharmacy. Walgreens offers a wide range of products, which makes me curious about available payment options.

These are questions you might have asked yourself if you’re a Walgreens customer.

  • Does Walgreens take Apple Pay?
  • Does Walgreens accept other payment options?
  • How to use Apple Pay at Walgreens?
Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay? Earn 3% Cashback

This article is to help you find out if Walgreens accepts Apple Pay.

You’ll learn how to use Apple Pay at Walgreens, as well as discuss all payment options available at Walgreens.

Here is all you need to know, and you can even earn some cashback along the way.

Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?


Apple Pay is not accepted by some stores for a variety of reasons. NFC devices that don’t work are one of the reasons.

Walgreens accepts Apple Pay online, in-store and through the app. Walgreens does not have a digital wallet so that you can use Apple Pay in-store and online for your usual shopping.

Apple Pay is one way to make contactless payments that are very popular.

How Does Apple Pay Work

Here’s how you can set up Apple Pay on your iPhone if Apple Pay has not been used for purchases.

  • Go to Settings on iOS.
  • Open Apple Wallet and select Apple Pay.
  • Tap the debit or credit card option.
  • Tap Continue after keying in your credit or debit card details.
  • Select the Add a different card option.
  • Scan your Card manually to ensure it fits on your screen.
  • Enter valid credit card and debit card information.
  • Tap Next to accept the terms.
  • Select the verification method you prefer.
  • Enter the code using your preferred verification method.

To use Apple Pay at Walgreens, you will need to follow these steps. Once you have set up your Apple Pay Wallet, it is possible to use Apple Pay online and in-store.

Walgreens accepts Apple Pay from your smartphone, even if you don’t have the Walgreens app.

An Apple Watch is another option for Apple Pay using your iPhone or without Apple Card.

You can pay with your Apple Watch if you prefer a simpler payment method. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the My Watch option.
  3. Choose the option Wallet & Apple Pay.
  4. Click the Add button to select your preferred credit/debit card.
  5. Select Set up Passcode and enter a 4-digit passcode for your Apple Watch (this is optional).
  6. Enter the CVV of your Card.
  7. Click Agree to the terms and conditions.
  8. Tap Next.
  9. Wait until the Card Activated text is received.

Apple Pay is available immediately once it’s set up on your iPhone or Watch.

Can I use Apple Pay at Walgreens?


Follow these steps to use Apple Pay at Walgreens.

You also can check at the counter of your local Walgreens for Apple Pay acceptance.


Here’s how to use Apple Pay for shopping in-person with your iPhone:

  1. Open your Apple Wallet.
  2. Select Tap Default Card.
  3. To activate Apple Pay, double-click the side button on your iPhone.
  4. To use Apple Pay, place your iPhone over the contactless reader.
  5. Check if the transaction was verified by your Apple Wallet, as your device will vibrate or say Done.

Apple Watch

Here’s how you can pay with Apple Pay using your Apple Watch:

  1. Check out the counter.
  2. Double-click on the button at the side of the Watch.
  3. To choose the Card you want to use, scroll through your digital wallet. Your default card can be used immediately.
  4. Your Watch should be held with your digital wallet over the contactless reader.
  5. Once your payment successful notification will be shown.

Can I Add a Walgreens Card to Apple Pay?

Walgreens Balance can be used with Apple Pay to receive additional rewards. This is how you add to your wallet.

  1. Open the Walgreens app.
  2. Tap on the Balance Rewards button.
  3. Click the Add to Apple Wallet button.
  4. Select Add with Store to receive Walgreens balance rewards automatically.
  5. To make sure Walgreens Balance Rewards account is used for all purchases, choose Automatically Select option.
  6. Your Walgreens card can be viewed on your wallet app.

Now enjoy discounts and bonus offers by linking your Walgreens Balance account with your Apple Pay wallet.

How to Use Apple Pay on

Apple Pay can be used on the Walgreens app, but NOT on

Get the Walgreens official app from the Apple App Store.
Here’s how you can use Apple Pay online.

  1. Open Walgreens app.
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Add items to your shopping cart and start shopping
  4. Select whether you would like Pickup, Same Day Delivery or Shipping.
  5. Click on Wallet to choose the payment method you prefer.
  6. Choose Apple Pay.
  7. Click on “Check out”, and you can either pick up your order at Walgreens or wait for delivery.

What are The Benefits of Apple Pay

Apple Pay offers many benefits that are free. Following are some of the benefits.

No Hidden Fees

Apple Pay does not charge any hidden fees for Walgreens transactions. As explained previously, you can also earn cashback rewards.

Internet Connection is Not Required

Apple Pay works without an internet connection. This method allows you to buy items without having to turn on your data or connect to unsafe Wi-Fi connections.


Apple Pay does not require you to withdraw cash or provide personal details. You don’t have to authenticate yourself, unlike when you use Visa checkouts and other checkouts.


Apple Pay is quick and easy to use and allows you to check out in a matter of seconds. Instead of going through multiple steps, you can scan your device using the contactless reader to quickly checkout your items.


Apple Pay is available at nearly all Walgreens locations. You don’t have to withdraw cash or even take out your credit card when using Apple Pay as your preferred payment method.

How to Get Cashback with Apple Pay at Walgreens?

Yes, Walgreens offers cash back when you use Apple Pay.

Using Apple Pay at Walgreens has several benefits. You enjoy 3% cashback on Apple Pay and Apple Card.

While many stores offer about 2% cash back, Walgreens is the only community pharmacy that offers 3% cash back for payment using your Apple Card via Apple Pay.

You can get cashback when you shop for groceries or through Walgreens pharmacies.

Both transactions will be eligible for cashback if you shop at Walgreens and purchase medicine from Walgreens pharmacies.

Common Questions

Will Duane Reade Use Apple Pay?

Yes. Apple Pay can be used at Duane Reade pharmacy at Walgreens.

Does Walgreens Accept Apple Pay?

Yes. Walgreens accepts Apple Pay in store and through its app. However, it isn’t easy to use the payment method via the store’s website.

Do Randalls and Walgreens have Apple Pay?

Yes. Both Randalls and Walgreens accept Apple Pay.

Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay In-Store?

Yes. Walgreens accepts Apple Pay at its checkout stations.

Can You Use Apple Pay at Walgreens?

Yes. Walgreens offers Apple Pay in-store as well as at

Does Walgreens Accept Other Forms of Payment?

Walgreens accepts many other forms of payment options apart from Apple Pay, such as:

  • American Express
  • CareCredit
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Debit Card
  • Discover Network
  • Gift Card
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

This article should answer all your questions about Apple Pay at Walgreens, I believe.

Always ask the cashier at Walgreens if they accept Apple Pay if you are planning to purchase anything to be on the safe side.

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