Where to Find Egg Roll Wrappers in Grocery Store?

Egg rolls are an enjoyable snack or appetizer option that can be customized with vegetables, meats and seafood.

However finding an egg roll wrapper may prove challenging if you’re new to cooking or unfamiliar with how grocery stores function.

In this article we’ll look at where egg roll wrappers can be found at various grocery stores as well as provide helpful shopping tips that make the experience smoother for newcomers to the industry.

Where to Find Egg Roll Wrappers in Grocery Store? 1

One of the easiest places to locate egg roll wrappers in grocery stores is in their international foods aisle, typically found near Asian ingredients like soy sauce, rice vinegar and noodles, in addition to global favorites such as Mexican salsa or Indian curry.

Egg roll wrappers may be found nearby other Asian ingredients and labeled either “spring roll wrappers” or “wonton wrappers”, depending on brand.

Search the refrigerated section of a grocery store for egg roll wrappers as many brands are sold fresh rather than frozen and must remain cool until used.

In this area you might also find dairy products, pre-made meals and fresh produce. Always check expiration dates as fresh products tend to have shorter shelf lives than frozen alternatives.

Key Takeaways

Egg roll wrappers can typically be found in either an international foods aisle or the refrigerated section of a grocery store, although some stores also stock them near pie crusts and puff pastry in their baking aisle.

If you’re having difficulty locating egg roll wrappers, consult with either a store employee or look at their website to locate one using their product locator tool.

Where to Buy Egg Roll Wrappers Near Me?

Search engines can help you find stores that sell egg roll wrappers if you have an Internet-connected computer or mobile phone.

If you enter “Egg Roll Wrappers Near Me” into the search box, a list of local stores that sell the product will appear.

Egg roll wrappers are available from these retailers, depending on where you live:

  • Food Lion
  • Hannaford
  • Kroger
  • Lucky Stores
  • Safeway
  • Shoprite
  • Trader Joes
  • Walmart
  • Wegmans
  • Whole Foods

Since many Asian specialty stores carry egg roll wrappers as well, searching for “Asian specialty store near me” returns a list of similar results.

Smaller retailers, however, are less likely than larger retailers to accept online orders and list their products on websites.

The larger grocery chains will likely have more options and carry these items. You can ask for an item in your local store if that’s what you want.

Visit the website of the manufacturer to find out whether a store near you carries a particular brand of egg rolls wrappers.

The websites of most manufacturers, like Nasoya and Friedas will list local stores that sell their products, based on location information provided.

Where to Find Egg Roll Wrappers in The Grocery Stores

International Foods Aisle

When searching for egg roll wrappers at the grocery store, one of the first places you should head is the International Foods aisle.

This section typically features food from various cultures and countries – and may include egg roll wrappers among its offerings.

Asian Food Section

Within the International Foods aisle, the Asian Foods section is likely the place where egg roll wrappers will be found.

This section typically stocks ingredients like soy sauce, rice noodles and sesame oil – you may even find egg roll wrappers stored either refrigerated or on shelves!

Check a variety of grocery store sections to locate ethnic food, particularly refrigerated sections for ethnic dishes like egg roll wrappers.

If they can’t be found there, try searching in international food aisles instead for dry ingredients for egg roll wrappers to complete your recipe.

Note that not all grocery stores will offer the same layout or selection of products.

If you cannot locate egg roll wrappers in the International Foods aisle, ask a store employee for help locating them or more information on where you can find egg roll wrappers in store.

Overall, when searching for egg roll wrappers in the grocery store, the International Foods aisle or Asian Foods section are great places to begin searching.

Also check both refrigerated and dry ingredient sections as a better chance at success will exist here.

Refrigerated Section

Egg roll wrappers can often be found in the grocery store’s refrigerated section due to being uncooked and needing to be kept fresh.

When searching for egg roll wrappers, look near tofu or salad dressings in this area of the fridge.

Egg Roll Wrappers in the Produce Section

In some grocery stores, egg roll wrappers may also be found in the produce section, as they’re commonly used to craft vegetable-filled egg rolls.

Look out for them near vegetables used commonly in Asian cuisine such as bean sprouts, bok choy and napa cabbage.

If you can’t locate egg roll wrappers in the produce section, be sure to also look in the refrigerated section as they could have been moved there in order to maintain freshness.

When searching for egg roll wrappers at your grocery store, keep in mind they could be located in various sections.

If you need assistance from store employees to help locate them, don’t be intimidated into asking.

Baking Aisle

Egg roll wrappers can often be found in the baking aisle of grocery stores, serving as an economical and delicious alternative to phyllo dough or puff pastry in making delicious appetizers and snacks.

Egg roll wrappers can often be found among other pastry and dough products in the baking aisle, including pie crusts, puff pastry and phyllo dough.

Their placement may differ between top shelves and bottom shelves so it is wise to explore every corner of the aisle to locate these gems.

Some grocery stores may have a dedicated section for Asian ingredients and products, including egg roll wrappers.

This may be labeled as “international” or “ethnic”, and could be located near the baking aisle or elsewhere within the store.

When purchasing egg roll wrappers from the baking aisle, it is important to check their expiration date and package condition.

Refrigerated wraps should keep for one month while frozen ones should last six.

Overall, baking aisles offer the ideal place to find egg roll wrappers for home chefs looking to craft delicious appetizers or snacks at home.

How to Purchase Egg Roll Wrappers on The Internet?

As mentioned, most egg roll wrappers need to be refrigerated.

This means that buying them online can be more difficult than purchasing other dry goods.

The majority of online stores that sell egg roll wrappers will expect their customers set up the transaction for same-day shipping or in-store pick-up.

Despite being the largest online retailer by far, a search for “egg wrappers” returns many products other than egg wrappers.

They only carry one brand, Norigami. This company also sells directly to consumers.

Amazon’s ability to offer fresh products across the US may require special shipping fees or methods.

Your refrigerated products will likely arrive with dry ice, a freezer pack or some other form of frozen product.

There may also be an additional charge.

If you are in a rush and can’t get to the store, most of the stores listed below offer at least one brand that is available for same-day shipping or in-store pick-up if you don’t have time.

If you prefer to shop online, consider these retailers:

Even if you can visit the stores, it is helpful to know which of them may have egg roll wrappers on hand before you go shopping.

Some grocery websites will even direct you to the section where you can find your desired product.

You can save time by finding the best ingredients quickly.

What Can I Get Instead of Egg Roll Wrappers?

You can substitute egg roll wrappers with:

Phyllo Dough sheets: These sheets are made from Phyllo or Filo dough, and are primarily found in Greek, Middle Eastern and Balkan pastries.

The taste profile may be different, but the phyllo dough tends to keep its ingredients well.

Spring Roll Wrappers: They are similar to egg rolls, but they can be made from rice or flour.

You’ll need to be careful when wrapping the rolls because they are more prone to tearing.

Wonton Wrappers: These are smaller versions of egg rolls, making them difficult to use as an egg roll substitute.

This option is perfect if you are serving smaller egg rolls.

The best way to make them is sometimes the traditional method.

You can find a recipe on the internet and make your own egg rolls from scratch.

You can find the ingredients online for egg wrappers more easily than refrigerated alternatives. And you can make your egg rolls at home, which will be fresher.

You can also visit your local grocery store to see what they have in stock.

How to Identify Egg Roll Wrappers in The Grocery Stores

You must be able to identify egg roll wrappers by their size, shape, and feel.

The wrappers are usually square and look like dough-based pasta sheets. Egg roll wrappers can also be identified by their fresh appearance.

The thickness of the wrappers can be used to distinguish them from others, such as spring roll wrappers.

Egg roll wrappers can be made with ingredients like egg water and all purpose flour.

FAQs on Egg Roll Wrappers

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Where Can I Buy Egg Roll Wrappers?

Egg roll wrappers can usually be found at most grocery stores. Look in the refrigerator section near produce or dairy; other stores may stock them in an Asian food aisle.

If you are having difficulty, ask a store associate for assistance.

Does Publix Sell Egg Roll Wrappers?

Egg roll wrappers? Where can I buy egg roll wrappers?

Well, yes! Find them at any Publix near you to get some great food and snacks.

Publix has a wide variety of foods.

There is a wide variety, and the quality of their products is excellent. You may need to search around.

You can find them anywhere in the grocery and food section.

You might find them in the refrigerator section. You’d have to search around.

You could also look at other international products. Ask the nearby salesperson for help.

When you ask the salesperson for help, be sure to specify that you want egg roll wrappers instead of spring roll wrappers.

Blue Dragon is the top brand of egg roll wrappers at Publix. Star Anise Food Wrappers is also a great brand.

You can test both to see which one you prefer.

Are Egg Roll Wrappers Sold in The Frozen Section?

While some grocery stores may carry frozen egg roll wrappers, most often they can be found in the refrigerated section.

Frozen versions may not provide the same texture or taste experience, therefore it is wiser to purchase fresh ones whenever possible.

Does Winn Dixie Sell Egg Roll Wrappers?

Winn Dixie sells egg roll wrappers. You can also check it yourself if you don’t believe me.

Winn Dixie, a popular American supermarket that is loved by all, is one of the most visited. The variety of products is limitless.

What makes them so incredible is their quality. Winn Dixie is the place to go for some of these amazing egg roll wrappers.

Check the international aisle, or the refrigerator section. You might find them near the spring rolls wrappers.

Check the label before buying to make sure you get egg roll wrappers!

Do All Grocery Stores Sell Egg Roll Wrappers?

Not necessarily; most large chain stores should stock them.

If you have difficulty, contact an Asian grocer or specialty food market for assistance.

Does Meijer Sell Egg Roll Wrappers?

Meijer has amazing, fresh egg wrappers. They have so many brands and varieties!

Meijer offers a wide range of products to its customers. These products are authentic and real.They can easily be purchased.

You can usually find them in the store, but you will need to be vigilant and search all of it!

You can always call for help if you are lost or confused. Tell the salesperson you need egg rolls wrappers.

This will prevent them from confusing them with spring wrappers.

Can I Buy Egg Roll Wrappers at Whole Foods?

Absolutely, Whole Foods sells egg roll wrappers which can be found in the refrigerated section with other Asian ingredients.

Please refer to their website or store location to determine availability in your local store.


You can find egg roll wrappers in the dairy, world food, and deli sections of most supermarkets.

These wrappers come in a wide variety of flavors, both sweet and savory.

You should store egg roll wrappers in the refrigerator if you intend to use them within a week.

You can freeze egg roll wrappers if you don’t plan to use them immediately. You can never go wrong using egg roll wrappers, no matter what the occasion!

There are several brands of egg wrappers. You must know the exact brand before you go to the supermarket.

You can check online to see if you find the egg roll wrappers that you want, but you may not have time to do so.

Contact a few big stores first to make sure they carry the egg rolls you need before you go to the store.

You can easily find egg roll wrappers if you know where to look!


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