The 32 Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay. How to Use?

Were you planning a vacation? You may need to fill up with gas, and you want to know which gas stations accept Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is becoming more popular as people use contactless payments. Many gas stations accept Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is more secure than cash, credit cards or debit cards because merchants don’t have access to your financial data.

The 32 Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay. How to Use? 1

Apple Pay is accepted at gas stations, whether it’s in the store, on their app, or at the pump.

Here is the list of all the gas stations in the United States who accept Apple Pay.

I will also discuss how to use Apple Pay in any gas station and what you can do if it doesn’t.

How Do I Use Apple Pay at The Gas Pump?

Follow these 4 simple steps to get it done:

  1. Check whether the gas station has an Apple Pay or Contactless Reader icon.
  2. Double-click on the side button of your iPhone or Apple Watch and enter your passcode, or use Face ID for authentication.
  3. Contactless Reader: Hold your iPhone close to or on top of the Contactless Reader.
  4. Follow the instructions on your pump to complete your purchase.

Here are the major U.S. gas stations that accept Apple Pay.

U.S. Gas Stations that Accept Apple Pay


This list will help you locate gas stations that accept Apple Pay.

You can use the list below to locate the closest gas stations that accept Apple Pay.

You can search for gas stations near you that accept Apple Pay by using the keyword “gas stations that take Apple Pay near me,“.

1. 76 Gas Stations

There are thousands of stations strategically placed throughout the United States.

The majority of the 76 gas stations are located in California. Washington is its second-largest base.

Apple Pay is accepted at all of the company’s gas stations located in Arizona.

These states have 76 gas stations – Arizona, California, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas and Washington.

2. 7/11


7/11 has around less than 10,000 locations in the US. California is the state with the most 7/11 locations in the US.

Apple Pay is accepted at all 7/11 gas stations and stores.

Not all 7/11 convenience stores have gas stations. Gas stations are available at most 7/11 convenience store locations, which are standalone, but those in malls, strip centres, or other buildings often do not.

7/11 is available in the following states: California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Virginia.

3. Alon

Like many other companies, Alon gas stations strike a balance between convenience stores and gas stations. The company operates a few hundred stores across specific regions.

Alon may not be the most popular station, but it accepts Apple Pay in all of its locations.

You can use Apple Pay at Alon if you don’t see any other gas stations listed.

Alon stations are located in the following states.

• Arizona
• Arkansas
• Colorado
• East and West Texas
• Louisiana
• New Mexico
• Oklahoma

4. BP/Amoco


BP/ Amoco gas station accepts Apple Pay. However, you must connect the BPme App with Apple Pay to use Apple Pay.

BP/Amoco stations are in the following states: Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Wisconsin.

5. Arco

Arco operates its stations in 15 different states. It is also one of a few companies that accept Apple Pay, whereas others do not.

Arco stations can be found in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada and New York.

6. Casey’s General Store


Casey’s General Store is one of the oldest gas station chains in the US. Apple Pay is accepted at all of the store’s locations across 16 states.

Apple Pay will be accepted at all of the company’s stores in the future, further to their earlier plan. This is one of many gas station chains that accept Apple Pay.

You can find Casey’s General Store in the following states.

  • Arkansas
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Oklahoma
  • Wisconsin

7. Chevron


Chevron has a Chevron App, which is available for both Apple Pay and Chevron.

Apple Pay and the Chevron App do NOT yet sync, so there are no direct bonuses when you use Apple Pay.

You can use Apple Pay at Chevron gas pumps in some states, such as Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas and Washington.

8. Circle K

circle k

Apple Pay is accepted at all Circle K gas stations. Apple Pay is also accepted at Circle K’s convenience stores.

Circle K is available in the following states.

  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • New Hampshire
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

9. Citgo


Citgo is owned by PDVSA. Most of the company’s locations accept Apple Pay. The gas pumps are spread across 30 states.

The company has over a few hundred stations in its top four states. Citgo gas stations also have pumps that are Amazon Alexa enabled.

Citgo gas stations in some states accept Apple Pay – Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

10. Conoco

Conoco operates gas stations in 33 states. However, not all of them accept Apple Pay.

You can contact the gas station in advance to see if Apple Pay is accepted or find a different gas station.

If the station has contactless payment readers, you can check whether Apple Pay is accepted. Conoco Apple Pay is available as long as there are readers.

11. Costco

Apple Pay is accepted at most Costco gas stations.

You can find one in nearly every state. However, very few states do not have Costco gas stations.

Apple Pay is available at Costco gas stations every day starting at 6:00 am as long as a Visa Card is linked to your Apple Wallet.

You MUST be a Costco Member to use the gas stations.

If you use a Costco Shop Card, you can use Costco gas stations to fill your gas tank.

12. Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms has only eight gas stations, but they all accept Apple Pay. Each location features a screen for contactless payments so you can pay with most contactless methods.

You can make contactless payments with credit and debit cards, as well as Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

13. Delta Sonic

Apple Pay is accepted at most of Delta Sonic stores.

Delta Sonic stations are available in 29 states. Apple Pay is used primarily indoors.

14. Exxon Mobil


Apple Pay is only accepted by all Exxon Mobil in the U.S. through its Rewards+ app. Exxon Mobil has more than 200 franchises in the state.

Most Exxon Mobil Pumps are Amazon Alexa enabled. Thus you will be able to pay quickly via the Amazon Alexa App.

Exxon Mobil has stations in the following states.

  • California
  • Illinois
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Texas

15. Family Express

Family Express, a family-owned and operated company, accepts Apple Pay at all northern and central Indiana locations.

You don’t have to use a credit card or debit card.

It’s worth noting that Family Express stations are only available in Indiana.

16. Hele

Hele operates gas stations on the island’s tropical coast. You can use Apple Pay at a Hele station in Hawaii.

Hele accepts Apple Pay in all its locations on the island. Despite being smaller, it has more gas stations in Hawaii than any other company.

Keep in mind that Hawaii is the only State with Hele fuel stations.

17. Holiday Oil

Holiday Oil is a gas station and convenience store with locations from North Salt Lake in Utah to Orem.

Apple Pay is accepted at all of its branches, even though they are spread out across the state.

Utah is the sole state that has Holiday Oil.

18. Irving Oil

Irving Oil has many gas stations throughout Maine and Canada.

Apple Pay is accepted by the company, but there’s a limit on how much can be spent. Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted at the stations.

You can use major debit or credit cards as well at their stations.

19. King Soopers

King Soopers accepts Apple Pay at all of its branches in two states.

It is a Kroger supermarket brand with a large presence in Colorado.

You’ll likely pass a King Soopers if you drive through the Rocky Mountains.

Most of King Soopers gas stations are located in Colorado, and a few in Wyoming.

20. Kum & Go

kum go

Kum & Go has a gas station at each convenience store branch.

Apple Pay is accepted at all stores across the US but only via their app.

The app can be used as a store locator online to locate most gas stations in your area.

21. Kwik Fil

Kwik Fill is another convenience store company that accepts Apple Pay at the company’s self-serve stations.

22. Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip, or Kwik Star, is a company founded by a La Crosse family.

Apple Pay is only accepted at a handful of locations. If you do not have any other payment options, it may be necessary to find another station.

23. Love’s Travel Stops


Love’s operates in 41 states and has over 500 truckstops that have gas pumps.

Apple Pay is accepted at all Love’s locations for both in-store purchases and gas pumps.

They also accept Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

24. Marathon

Marathon Oil is one of the largest companies in the oil and gasoline industry.

Some Marathon stations do not accept Apple Pay in their gas pumps or stores. Look for a station with a contactless payment symbol that accepts Apple Pay at the pumps and inside.

Marathon gas stations can be found in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia.

25. Maverik

Maverik operates over 380 retail stores in different states. Apple Pay is accepted by the company, but it must be linked to your Adventure Club Card.

Apple Pay must be set up as your primary method of payment in order to use the Maverik App.

Maverik is available in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

26. Meijer


Apple Pay is accepted at all the Meijer stations and convenience shops, which are open 24/7.

Gas stations in the company accept other contactless payment methods like Samsung Pay, credit cards and debit cards.

27. Phillips 66

phillips 66

Phillips 66 is the largest US gas station chain. Apple Pay is accepted at all of the company’s locations, according to the company.

You will still need to connect your Apple Wallet to the My Philips 66 App to pay for gas.

If you connect your Apple Watch with your Apple Wallet, you can use it to pay.

28. QuikTrip


QuikTrip operates hundreds of convenience stores and gas stations in 14 states. Apple Pay is available at all stores, according to the company.

You will need to have your credit or debit card on hand in case anything goes wrong with Apple Pay acceptance at any of the stations.

29. RaceTrac


RaceTrac is the largest gasoline service provider. The company has more than 500 locations in Atlanta and Georgia as its headquarters.

RaceTrac claims that all of its locations allow you to use Apple Pay at the pump. Apple Pay is also available for other car services.

30. Raceway

Apple Pay is accepted at Raceway stations for both their pumps and stores. You can also use your debit or credit card to make contactless payments.

31. Sheetz


Sheetz is a chain of convenience stores and coffee shops. Apple Pay is available in all Sheetz stores, including the pumps and counters.

If you have synced your Wallet App with your iPhone or Apple Watch, then you can use this payment method.

32. Shell


Shell is one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies.

Apple Pay is accepted at all Shell stores if your Shell app is linked to it. PayPal, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are also available, as well as your credit or debit card.

33. Speedway


Speedway has over few thousand locations in 36 states.

You can use Apple Pay at all Speedway pump and in the convenience store.

34. Sunoco


Sunoco, a major oil-and-gas distributor in the US, has a large network of gas stations.

Sunoco’s gas stations accept Apple Pay via its contactless reader.

Apple Pay requires you to verify your purchase with Face ID or a passcode once you have made your payment.

35. Texaco


Chevron Corporation operates Texaco, which has more than 2,000 stores in various states. The company’s flagship fuel, “Texaco with Techron”, is also well-known.

Apple Pay is allowed if you connect the Texaco App to Apple Pay.

36. Valero


Apple Pay is not accepted at all Valero stores. Valero gives a ten-cent discount per gallon when you pay with Apple Pay via the Valero App.

37. Wawa


Wawa is an East Coast-based convenience store and gasoline station chain.

Apple Pay is accepted at Wawa stations in-store and at the pump.

Apple Pay can be used even if there is no contactless reader in sight so long as you use its app to pay with Apple Pay.

FAQs on Apple Pay at U.S. Gas Stations


Which gas stations accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is accepted by most gas stations. Apple Pay is most likely available at gas stations that have a unique mobile app and accept contactless payments.

Do you know the gas stations that accept Apple Pay at the pump?

Search for pumps that have contactless readers. Apple Pay can be used to pay for these pumps directly via the reader.

Does Apple Pay work at gas stations?

No. Apple Pay is available at all stations that have contactless readers or apps.

What gas stations accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is accepted by most modern stations. If you see a contactless card reader on the counter or at the pumps, that’s a good way to tell if they accept Apple Pay.


Gas stations are prepared for the inevitable shift to digital currency.

If you become familiar with Apple Pay, you will have a lot easier time adapting to future financial technologies.

What if I don’t have Apple Pay?

You can still pay for gas without an iOS device by using other contactless payment options such as Venmo, PayPal, Zelle and Samsung Pay.

Apple Maps can help you determine if Apple Pay is accepted at a particular gas station. Click on the specific gas station to see what payment options are available.

On your next road trip, you will find an Apple Pay-accepting gas station with the above list of Apple Pay-accepting gasoline retailers in the United States.

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