How Much is Amazon Prime for Seniors? Special Discount Explained

Ever wonder whether Amazon Prime discount is available for seniors? Worry not, as offers special discounts as part of their Prime benefits for senior citizens.

Amazon Prime is a yearly membership plan offered by, which offers several benefits to senior citizens. You can get free one-day shipping, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music and unlimited e-books on Kindle.

How Much is Amazon Prime for Seniors? Special Discount Explained 1

Amazon Prime is now available for seniors at a discounted price of $6.99 per month instead of $14.99.

This discount is not available to everyone. You must be enrolled in a government assistance program, such as TANF, SNAP (Food Stamps), Medicaid, WIC, or SSI.

I will explain how the Amazon Prime Senior discount works, what it offers, and how you can get it.

What is Amazon Prime? What Are Its Benefits?


Amazon Prime is an annual membership subscription offered by Amazon to its customers. Join Amazon Prime, and you will enjoy many Amazon Prime benefits.

You can enjoy the many benefits if you are eligible for the Amazon Prime Discount for seniors or if you have Prime Membership.

Amazon Prime Shipping

The various shipping options are one of the biggest benefits of Amazon Prime membership.

Seniors have a variety of delivery options under Prime.

  • Free same-day shipping
  • Free one-day shipping
  • Free two-day shipping

Amazon Pharmacy

Senior citizens who fill out Amazon Pharmacy subscriptions will receive two-day free delivery.

Free Grocery Delivery with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers free delivery within two hours for a large selection of groceries.

Whole Foods shoppers select your groceries after you create your online shopping basket. You can then schedule a delivery window of two hours or an in-store pick-up window of one hour if you choose.

Prime members also enjoy a 10% discount on sale items & select weekly best sellers.

Amazon Elements

Prime members can buy items that are exclusive or unlimited releases from retailers, such as vitamins and daily essentials.

Visa Card Rewards


Prime members are eligible for the following discounts on Visa credit cards.

  • All Whole Foods and Amazon purchases get 5% Off
  • You can get 2% back on your purchases at restaurants, gas stations and pharmacies
  • All additional purchases will receive 1% cashback

Use your points for Amazon purchases or to exchange them for gift cards, cash back, and travel discounts.

Prime Coupons

Prime Coupons can also be used to save money for senior citizens. Amazon offers daily coupons that can lower your bill by as much as 30%.

Enjoy Streaming Entertainment

Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Video are offered with unlimited access to the best movies, T.V. series, and music when you have an Amazon Prime membership.

Prime Reading allows you to download free Kindle eBooks and take advantage of the many benefits.

Get Early Promotions & Exclusive Deals

Prime membership gives you access to exclusive deals and offers on Amazon. Amazon will alert you to Prime Day and Prime Early Access Sale events.

You will also be eligible for special discounts at Whole Foods.

Additional Prime Benefits

Amazon offers the following benefits to add even more value:

  • Membership Sharing
  • Access to grocery delivery with Amazon Fresh with same-day or next-day delivery options
  • Prime Pantry access with grocery items discounted from the regular price
  • Access to Amazon Pay with Prime benefits of cashback & discounts from the regular price
  • Photo storage is unlimited
  • Washington Post free trial

What is The Cost of Amazon Prime for Seniors?


Does Amazon Prime offer a discount to seniors? Yes.

You can join Amazon Prime for only $6.99 monthly if enrolled in government assistance programs.

This is a significant discount from the usual price of $14.99.

There is a catch: you must enroll in an approved government assistance program.

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP or Food Stamps)
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Medicaid

Amazon does not have a discount program specifically for seniors.

Prime Access is a discount program that requires enrolment in certain qualifying programs.

Amazon Prime is also available to seniors with an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. To qualify for this discount, you must submit a picture of your EBT card at the time of registration.

How Much is Amazon Prime Plans Normally Cost?

The updated price list is available for each category as follows:

  • $0 – with a free trial
  • $14.99 per month / $139.00 per year – Amazon Prime’s regular price.
  • $6.99 per month – Amazon Prime for seniors.
  • $7.49 per month – Amazon Prime for students.
  • $8.99 per month (free trial) – Amazon Prime Video only.

The price of Amazon Prime is above in, excluding tax.

How to Sign Up with The Amazon Prime Discount for Seniors?

To get the Amazon Prime Senior discount, you must have a valid EBT or Medicaid card.

How to Get a Senior Discount on Amazon?

To get the Amazon Prime Senior discount, you need to have a valid EBT card or Medicaid card.

  1. Visit the Amazon site and click on the Create an Amazon Account button. Visit here.
  2. Create an account by entering your email and password.
  3. Click on Accounts and Lists.
  4. Choose Prime Membership from the drop-down list.
  5. You will see Prime Access after you scroll down to the tab “Qualified Government Assistance“.
  6. Click on the button to start your 30-day free trial.
  7. You will see a list of government assistance programs that are eligible. Select the program you’re enrolled in, and upload a picture of your EBT or eligibility letter.
  8. Fill in all the required information.
  9. Select a payment option to be used once the free trial period ends.
  10. Click the Continue button at the bottom of the page to finish the Prime application.

How to Get Discounts If I Don’t Qualify for the Amazon Prime Senior Discount?

You can save money by shopping on Amazon even if you don’t qualify for a government assistance program.

Anyone can benefit from the free one-month trial, including those who do not have an EBT card or Medicaid card.

These strategies can be used with Amazon’s money-saving features.

Save for Later

You can use this option to receive a price drop notification for the items you prefer. Save for Later option is available in your Amazon account.

Subscribe and Save

This is a great way to plan your purchases. It’s your choice on how frequently you want to schedule items you purchase; weekly, monthly, or every 3, 6, or 12 months.

This will apply for free shipping as well as a 15% discount.

Other ways to get a discount:

  • Watch out for promotions such as Today’s Deals, Lightning Deals, and Deals of the Day.
  • Amazon Trade-In Program allows you to swap out items that you no longer require. Make use of these options as well.
  • Visit Amazon Renewed, and purchase used products that have been inspected, tested, and are a fraction of their cost.

Amazon Prime Student Discount

You can sign up for Amazon Prime Student Discount if you are a student! This offers a six-month free trial and a 50% discount on the Amazon Prime membership. Prime for Seniors FAQs


Is There an Amazon Prime Discount for AARP?

The American Association of Retired Persons is a U.S. interest group that addresses issues affecting those over 50.

The benefits of membership in this organization include discounts on auto, health, property, and other insurances, as well as gift cards to use for travel.

Members can also save on electronic goods and other products, which often covers the membership cost.

AARP offers members financial counseling services to help them manage their money.

Amazon Prime is not one of the many benefits that come with an AARP membership.

Amazon offers discounts on membership only to those students who have Medicaid cards and EBT cards or enroll in government assistance programs.

Can Senior Amazon Prime Members Buy Groceries?

Yes. Amazon Prime offers a discount on groceries when you shop online. You’ll also get free delivery of your groceries the same day or the next with the Amazon Fresh Program.

Amazon Fresh delivers groceries only in certain cities like Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C.

Enter your zip code in the Amazon search engine to find Amazon Fresh stores near you.

How Much is The Cheapest Amazon Prime Membership?

Seniors can get the cheapest Amazon Prime membership. The Amazon Prime senior discount reduces the cost to just $6.99 a month, as long as they qualify.

Is There Any Age Requirement for Amazon Prime Senior Discounts?

Amazon Senior Discount is available to all customers regardless of age. The only requirement is that you enroll in government assistance programs.

What is Amazon Household?

Amazon Household, another Amazon Prime feature.

Family Library allows two seniors and four children living at the same address to share digital Amazon content.

The account can be managed by both adults and teens.

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video allows Prime members to stream unlimited movies and T.V. shows.

What is an Amazon Prime Store Card?

The Amazon Prime Store Card is another perk for seniors to save money and shop smartly. The card offers subscribers points to help reduce the cost of future purchases.

Also, it offers promotional financing at 0% interest. No annual fee makes it a good option for seniors on a tight budget.

How to Cancel the Amazon Prime Senior Discount?

You can cancel the Amazon Prime discount by contacting customer service. They will reset your Amazon Prime price to its regular cost.

You can cancel your Amazon Prime membership online if you wish to keep your Amazon Account but do not want to continue as a Prime Member.

Here’s how:

  1. Visit your Amazon Prime Membership page
  2. Click ‘Cancel.’

That’s it!

What will I Lose if I Cancel Amazon Prime?

You will lose the following benefits if you cancel your Amazon Prime membership:

  • Prime Video
  • Prime Music
  • Amazon Photos
  • Kindle content
  • Fast and free shipping
  • exclusive deals at Whole Foods
  • other wide range of benefits

Your Amazon Prime membership will also be terminated.

How do I Get Free Amazon Prime Membership?

On your first sign-up, you can receive a free month. However, this is free trial only valid for one calendar month.

Then, the monthly fee is $14.99 or $6.99 with a senior discount.


Amazon Prime membership can be a lifesaver for seniors and shoppers in general.

Amazon delivers items to you if you are a senior citizen. It’s not necessary to go to the store to pay.

Prime membership comes with many benefits, including the Amazon Prime Senior Discount.

When you retire and are looking to save some money, senior citizen discounts can be a great help. Amazon Prime Senior Discount helps seniors to save money on their shopping.

See also: How to change your delivery dates on Amazon.


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