Is Paramount Plus Free With Amazon Prime? How Much is Prime?

Amazon Prime Video members can add more than a hundred channels, including Paramount Plus. Can the Paramount+ service be accessed free of charge?

Amazon Prime subscribers may wonder if they can combine their plan with another service like Paramount Plus in order to save money on a separate membership.

Bundle deals are available on some of the top video streaming platforms. They allow users to cut the cord from their cable subscription by choosing only the networks and providers they want to watch.

Is Paramount Plus Free With Amazon Prime? How Much is Prime? 1

Paramount Plus is one of the featured channels available to Amazon Prime Video subscribers. It isn’t one of the services that are offered for free, but you can test it out without being charged.

Amazon Prime Video currently offers a Premium ad-free plan for Paramount+ at $9.99 monthly, but users can try the service for seven days for no charge.

The only thing they need to do is cancel the service before the trial period expires. Otherwise, it will automatically charge the payment method that was previously set up for the service.

How to Add Paramount Plus to Prime Video


Amazon Prime members will be able to access Paramount Plus exclusive content via Prime Video once they add its channel.

On a desktop, open Prime Video in a web browser, sign in, search for Paramount+ from the featured channels list, and then click on the channel icon.

Click ‘Learn More‘ in the Paramount+ banner at the top of the page.

To begin watching Paramount+ TV and movies, click ‘Start Your 7-Day Free Trial‘, confirm your payment details, and then hit Start Your Free Trial at the bottom.

Once the trial period expires, the subscription charges will be charged through the user’s Amazon account.

After successfully subscribing to Paramount+, Amazon customers can access titles through the Prime Video app on their mobile devices or any smart TV with the Prime Video channel.

They can also stream on the Paramount+ App, both on mobile devices and on smart TVs.

However, they must verify their Amazon account as well as their Paramount+ subscription. Paramount+ also offers the service on its website.

What is The Price of Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime?

Paramount Plus, a subscription-based streaming service, is the best content provider in the world.

Amazon Prime users must pay more to access this. Paramount Plus offers many options. You can stream TV shows and movies.

Amazon is usually the leader in the market. It offers the lowest price.

Users may be busy with other services or accessing official channels while watching Prime Video Channels. And it gives discounts that are different from official sources.

Paramount Plus does not come for free. Paramount Plus is available in 2 different packages.

The standard version costs $4.99 monthly, while the ad-free version costs $9.99 monthly. The Paramount Plus Premium Plan is also available for $9.99 monthly and $99.99 annually.

Paramount Plus is offering a seven-day free trial through the Amazon Prime account. The Amazon Prime Video app allows the user to access the content.

Once the trial period ends, Amazon will automatically charge the account until the user cancels the subscription.

How to Get Paramount+ for Free


Is there another way to try Paramount+ without paying?

T-Mobile customers are in luck, as a current offer allows them to access Paramount+ at no additional cost for an entire year.

Click on ‘Activate Subscription‘ and sign in to T-Mobile. The users will be redirected to Paramount+ and asked to create an account.

The offer is still available to those who have Paramount+ accounts and are T-Mobile subscribers.

The T-Mobile offer is only for the Paramount+ Essential Plan (not Premium), priced at $4.99 monthly.

After the first year, Paramount Plus charges will be billed to the payment method you have on file.

How Can I Watch Paramount Plus via Amazon Prime?

The user will need to check their Prime Video subscription before they can stream Paramount Plus or

Check the Paramount Plus subscription on the Paramount Plus website.

Please turn on the Prime Video service and confirm the Paramount Plus Subscription.

How to Subscribe to Paramount Plus via Amazon Prime?

To watch Paramount Plus via Amazon Prime, first, you must subscribe to Paramount Plus.

Follow the simple steps below.

  • Start by going to the official Amazon website.
  • Sign in using your username and password.
  • Select Your Prime Video from the Your Accounts menu.
  • Go to the Channels section and expand the list.
  • Choose Paramount Plus and start the free trial. After the free trial period, the user will be charged $4.99 or $9.99 per month.

The user will be subscribed to Paramount Plus after completing the steps.

How to Subscribe to Paramount Plus via

On Paramount Plus Website:

  • Navigate to the official website of Paramount Plus. Click on Try It Free at
  • Choose the Subscription Plan you want and tap Continue.
  • You can create an account with your full name, email address, and secure password.
  • The user will then be prompted to tap on the option Continue.
  • After providing the payment information, select Start Paramount Plus.
  • After the trial, the charge is automatically applied.

Is Paramount Plus Available on Amazon Fire TV?

Amazon Fire TV, the most popular streaming platform, is why Paramount Plus works with all platforms and devices. The app is quickly packaged and released in the Fire TV App Store.

If the user owns an Amazon Fire TV, download the Paramount Plus app, log in, and start unlimited streaming.

Simple steps to follow:

  • Select the Find option from the Home screen after powering the Firestick.
  • Click the Search button.
  • The user must now enter Paramount Plus in the search box and tap on the Paramount Plus suggestion.
  • Choose the First Suggestion that appears in the App & Games category.
  • After completing the steps, click on the Download button to install the application.
  • The process takes some time; eventually, the app will be downloaded on the device.

Does Amazon Offer Paramount+ as an Amazon Prime Video Channel?



Follow the steps below if you wish to add Paramount Plus as an Amazon Prime Video Channel.

  • Launch the Amazon Prime Video application on your streaming device.
  • Search for Paramount Plus.
  • Click the Learn More button at the top right of the screen.
  • The user will then be asked to select the subscription.

After completing all steps, you can add Paramount Plus to your Amazon Prime Video Channel.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime?

Users can cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime by following the steps below.

  • Sign in to your account by going to Amazon’s official website.
  • Click on Your Account Name to access the Accounts & Lists section.
  • Click on Memberships and Subscriptions to see the list of subscriptions.
  • Tap on Cancel Subscription after selecting the Paramount Channel.
  • The prompt appears; click on the confirm button to cancel your subscription.

Will CBS All Access Subscribers Get Paramount Plus for Free?

CBS All Access provides the best CBS movies and shows.

The user has access to all the best shows and movies from Smithsonian Channel, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, and more.

CBS All Access is now Paramount Plus and offers more original shows.

Paramount Plus is an updated and modified version of CBS All Access. Paramount Plus is usually free for all CBS All Access users. Know about other streaming services.

Can I Watch Normal TV on Paramount Plus?

Subscribe to Paramount Plus Premium Plan, and you can access local CBS stations as well as live broadcasts.

Users can watch live 24/7 TV, over 40,000 episodes, and movies from Paramount Pictures.

To get Paramount Plus free of charge, the user must launch the Paramount Plus App on the device supported and click on Watch Free Episodes.

The CBS TV Network website or the CBS App available on Amazon, App Store, and Google Play are the two options for the user to stream content free of charge through their TV provider.

FAQs for Paramount+ on Amazon Prime

How Do I Watch Paramount Plus on My TV?

To watch Paramount Plus on TV, follow the steps below.

  1. The user must first open the Paramount Plus application.
  2. Click on the Sign In Button.
  3. Select My TV from the menu.
  4. Give the subscriber the email and password.
  5. Click on Paramount Plus and then Sign in.

Where Can I Watch Live TV for Paramount Plus on Prime Video Channels?

Paramount Plus can also be viewed on Live TV. If you subscribe to Paramount Plus via Prime Video Channels, then you will have the option of watching the live broadcast from your local TV station. Live TV is supported by 99% of Americans.

Customer service was contacted by people who had problems and weren’t able to get their local TV channels through Paramount Plus.

Customer service can be notified if you are receiving a channel that is not matched to your location.

Why Does Paramount Plus Subscriber Get Prompted to Pay for Some Content on Prime Video?

The prompt comes about because of licensing restrictions. Some Paramount Plus series, like Young Sheldon or NCIS: Los Angeles, are not available on the Paramount Plus Channel.

If you’re a Paramount Plus Subscriber, then the prompt will ask you to buy some content from Prime Video. The Paramount Plus channel now offers 30,000 additional episodes and movies.

Can I Check the Subscription Before Streaming Paramount Plus on Amazon?

You cannot verify your Paramount Plus subscription before streaming the Paramount Plus channel.

Amazon Prime members can stream Paramount Plus directly through their Prime Video app or Amazon website.

Checking the subscription is not required. You can start watching tv shows and movies by selecting Paramount Plus.

Why Do I Get the Error Message when Signing into Amazon Prime with a Account?

This issue is primarily due to two factors.

1) The user has already subscribed to the Paramount Plus channel on Prime Video.

The user must log into their Paramount Plus account using the Paramount Plus username and password required to activate the subscription. Remember that the user did not use the Amazon username or password.

2) The subscription to does not verify user identity.

Navigate to, and then you need to follow some instructions; it shows a prompt for creating the username and password, and the user can use the credentials to sign in to Paramount Plus on the site.

How Long is The Paramount Plus Free Trial?

Paramount’s free trial on Amazon Prime will last seven days.

Paramount will charge you automatically after seven days. You can, however, cancel the trial at any time.

Which Devices Run Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is available on a wide range of devices, including Roku, iPhones, Apple TVs, and more.

Is Paramount Available for Asian Regions?

Paramount Plus content is currently not available in Asian Regions.

However, Paramount Plus announced its official plan to expand into Asia in 2023. Paramount Plus will soon be available in Asian Regions.

Bottom Line – Is Paramount+ Plus Worth It?

Paramount+ offers both live and on-demand content. The service includes CBS, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central content.

Paramount+ also features exclusive programming, such as the reboot of “iCarly”.

It depends on what you want from a streaming service. You’ll want to try Paramount+ if you are a CBS fan.

If you are looking for something kid-friendly, Paramount+ will be a great option. If you are primarily interested in original programming, then you might want to look at other options.

It’s ultimately up to you whether or not you subscribe to Paramount+.

If you want a streaming service that has something for everyone, then Paramount+ will be worth a look.


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