My Whatsapp Contact Is Showing That Friend Is Online but the Message Is Showing Only One Grey Tick. What Does That Mean?

Are you perplexed by the predicament of your WhatsApp contact appearing online, yet your message displaying only one grey tick? It’s a puzzling situation, leaving you unsure if your message was delivered or ignored.

In this article, we’ll probe into the possible reasons behind this and what it signifies for your message. By understanding WhatsApp ticks and exploring potential issues like network connectivity, phone status, blocking, and more, you’ll gain the knowledge to decipher this enigma and find solutions.

Possible Reasons for Message Not Reaching the Contact

If your WhatsApp contact is showing as online but the message you sent is only displaying one grey tick, there could be several possible reasons for the message not reaching the contact.

One reason could be contact availability, where the person may have logged out or deleted the WhatsApp app.

Another possibility is message delivery delays caused by internet connectivity issues on either your end or the recipient’s end.

It’s also worth checking the read receipts settings, as the contact may have disabled them, preventing the second tick from appearing.

Lastly, the contact’s phone status could be a factor, such as if their phone is turned off or in airplane mode.

Considering these factors can help you determine why the message isn’t reaching the contact.

Troubleshooting Steps to Try

To troubleshoot the issue of your WhatsApp message not reaching the contact, you can try the following steps:

  1. Check network connectivity: Ensure that you have a stable internet connection or try switching to a different network if possible.
  2. Check phone battery: Make sure your phone has enough battery power to send the message.
  3. Check WhatsApp server status: Sometimes, WhatsApp servers may experience temporary issues. You can check the official WhatsApp Twitter account or website for any server status updates.
  4. Check contact’s phone: Ensure that the contact’s phone is turned on and connected to the internet. If their phone is off or experiencing technical issues, the message may not be delivered.
  5. Check airplane mode: If the contact’s phone is in airplane mode, they’ll not receive any messages until they disable it.

Common Reasons for the Grey Tick

The grey tick on WhatsApp messages can indicate several common reasons for message delivery issues.

One possible reason is that the recipient has disabled Read Receipts. This means that even though they may be online, the ticks will remain grey, and you won’t be able to know if they’ve read your message.

Another reason could be that the recipient has blocked you. If you’re blocked, you’ll only see one grey tick and won’t receive a second one.

Changing numbers can also cause a grey tick to appear, as the message may not be successfully delivered to the new number.

Formatting messages, such as using bold or italics, doesn’t affect the delivery status and won’t cause a grey tick.

Additional Factors to Consider

When dealing with the issue of a message showing only one grey tick on WhatsApp, there are additional factors to consider that may provide insight into why the message hasn’t been delivered or read. Here are four key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Contact’s phone settings: The recipient may have disabled read receipts or enabled settings that prevent the message from being delivered or displayed with multiple ticks.
  2. Message delivery delays: Network connectivity issues can cause delays in message delivery, resulting in the single grey tick. It’s possible that the message is still in the process of being sent or that there are temporary network disruptions.
  3. WhatsApp server maintenance: If WhatsApp is undergoing server maintenance or experiencing technical issues, it can affect message delivery and display.
  4. Contact’s phone storage issues: If the recipient’s phone storage is full or experiencing issues, it can impact the delivery and display of messages.

Considering these additional factors can help in understanding why the message is showing only one grey tick and finding possible solutions.

Tips for Resolving the Issue

To resolve the issue of a message showing only one grey tick on WhatsApp, try the following tips:

Tips for Resolving the IssueKeywords
Wait for some time and check if the second tick appearsContact Confirmation, Message Delivery, Message Status
Try sending a different message or media fileMessage Delivery
Contact the person through other means to confirm if they received the messageContact Confirmation
Ask the contact to check their WhatsApp settingsOnline Status, Read Receipts
Reach out to WhatsApp support for further assistanceContact Confirmation, Message Delivery, Online Status, Message Status

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Message Have a Single Grey Tick Even if the Contact Is Online?

Yes, a message can have a single grey tick even if the contact is online. This could be due to message delivery issues or other reasons like poor internet connection. Troubleshoot message ticks to understand the Whatsapp message statuses better.

What Does It Mean if a Message Has One Grey Tick for a Long Time?

If your message has one grey tick for a long time, it could be due to message delivery issues, connection problems, delayed message notifications, phone settings affecting delivery, or possible server or network issues.

Can the Recipient Read the Message Without the Ticks Turning Blue?

If your contact is online but the message only has one grey tick, it means the message has been sent but not yet delivered. The recipient may have read receipts turned off or there might be delivery issues.

How Can I Know if the Contact Has Blocked Me?

To determine if a contact has blocked you on WhatsApp, look for signs like not seeing their online status or profile updates. Blocking is a privacy setting that affects communication etiquette and messaging indicators.

Is It Possible for a Message to Have One Grey Tick and One Blue Tick at the Same Time?

If you see one grey tick and one blue tick on a message, it’s not possible. This could be a technical issue or a glitch in the app. Contact WhatsApp support for assistance to resolve the confusion.


In conclusion, if your WhatsApp contact appears to be online but your message only has one grey tick, it could be due to various reasons such as network connectivity issues or the recipient’s phone being switched off.

It’s important to troubleshoot the problem and consider other factors before assuming you have been blocked. By understanding the meaning of WhatsApp ticks and following the suggested troubleshooting steps, you can resolve the issue and ensure your message reaches the intended recipient.

Remember, patience and persistence are key in resolving this situation, just like untangling a complex knot.


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