Where Is Lemon Juice In The Grocery Store? What Aisles in Walmart, Kroger

It’s a wonderful way to flavor a drink or a meal! It’s sour, and it balances any sweetness. Or adds a nice hint of flavor to a dish.

It can be difficult to find in the grocery store.

Where Is Lemon Juice In The Grocery Store? What Aisles in Walmart, Kroger 1

Imagine spending 20 minutes in the aisles of beverages, fruits, and vegetables, only to find that you can’t find it.

Our article will help you find it. You’re trying to find the lemon juice in the supermarket.

You’ll know which aisles you should check. You’ll be able to see which stores sell it.

Where Can I Find Lemon Juice in The Grocery Store?

No one can agree on which aisle to put lemon juice in at the grocery store.

We spoke with customer service representatives at several grocery chains, including Kroger, Safeway, and Walmart.

Some stores have lemon juice near the juices. Some stores keep it in the juice section, while others place it near condiments and salad dressings.

You can also find it in the produce section, near the fresh lemons.

When we checked online stores, we also looked to see where they placed lemon juice.

You’ll find that Safeway and Walmart (via Instacart) both sell lemon juice under the category of juice.

While Kroger considers lemon as a Condiment & Toppings product, Walmart does not.

Online forums and discussion boards have reported that customers can find lemon juice in any local store, from the produce aisle to the salad dressing aisle.

You can’t tell exactly where you will find lemon juice in your local grocery store.

What Aisle of The Grocery Store is Lemon Juice In?

If you are looking for lemon, your first stop should be the produce section.

You can find it in many places, such as in a display cabinet near the citrus fruits or on shelves next to packaged ingredients and jarred garlic.

The next place to look is the juice aisle. You can find it in the juice aisle, on top shelves, or mixed with other specialty drinks or unblended fruit juices.

Other grocery stores place the lemon juice on the condiments aisle.

You can try these stores if you haven’t been able to find what you are looking for.

You can buy lemon juice online if you cannot or do not want to purchase it in stores.

This is my top recommendation for the best online lemon juice.

Where Can I Buy Lemon Juice?

Amazon – Amazon is a great place to get most pantry items, including shelf-stable powdered lemon juice, bottled lemon, and other items.

Amazon allows you to buy in bulk which could end up saving you money.

Whole Foods – Whole Foods may sell 365 Organic Lemon Juice in the condiments section.

There may be small squeeze bottles of Lemon Juice in the produce section.

Walmart – You can find different kinds of lemon juice at Walmart. For example, Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Juice.

Walmart’s website has a store locator that will help you find your nearest store.

Target also sells a variety of lemon juice products. You’ll find them in the juice section.

Kroger – Kroger sells both its own brand of lemon juice and ReaLemon.

Safeway Kitchens – Here, you’ll find Safeway Kitchens lemon juice, as well as a variety of other brands.

Walgreens – Some Walgreens stores carry Goya Lemon Juice under the pantry section.

Check the online store locator to see if it is available at your Walgreens.

Publix – Publix sells lemon juice under its own brand.

Lemon Juice: Uses and Benefits

Use it as a household cleaner.

Who knew you could use natural lemon juice to clean your home?

You can use lemon juice to clean your cutting board, shine your silverware or make your laundry smell fresh.

You can use either fresh or bottled juice to make these DIY projects.

Use It in an Air Freshener.

Try search for videos on Youtube that show you how to make your own air fresheners with essential oils.

The lemon essential oil can be used, or lemon juice – whichever you prefer.

You don’t even need to add essential oils. Just mix lemon juice and water, then spray around your house to your heart’s content.

Lemon Bars Vegan – Make Your Own

Don’t forget the vegan treats.

Lemon bars are a must-try if you like lemon. Lemon juice can be used in any lemon bar recipe or dessert.

FAQs About Lemon Juice Sold at Grocery Stores

Why is It Good to Drink Lemon Juice?

Vitamin C can be found in lemon juice.

Vitamin C also plays a vital role in the formation of bones, the repair of connective tissues, and gum health.

Is it Okay to Drink Pure Lemon Juice?

It is safe to drink pure lemon juice, but you can always get advice from your dietician.

Too much lemon juice can damage tooth enamel because it’s highly acidic.

You can also increase your risk of decay by adding sugar to the lemon water.

Avoid foods that are highly acidic if you don’t wish to damage your tooth enamel.

You can add water to your food and drink in moderation.

Does Lemon Juice from a Bottle Have The Same Taste as Real Lemons?

The lemon juice in a bottle is not exactly the same thing as the real thing.

The bottle version has additives and preservatives like Sodium Metabisulphite(E223) or Potassium Metabisulphite(E224).

The bottle version is more processed, but the preservatives and additives aren’t necessarily harmful.

What Happens if I Drink Lemon Juice Every Day?

Regularly drinking lemon juice can cause enamel erosion or tooth decay.

The acid in citrus fruits reacts with teeth, causing damage.

Too much lemon juice may also cause heartburn, nausea, and vomiting, as well as other symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux.

I wouldn’t recommend drinking lemon water, lemonade, or juice every day.

Can I Use Fresh Lemon Juice Instead of Bottled Lemon Juice?

You can choose to purchase fresh lemon juice if you do not want to buy processed lemon juice.

You can use bottled organic or generic lemon juice instead of freshly squeezed juice.

Organic lemon juice is closer to the taste of freshly squeezed lemon juice, as it contains no preservatives and additives.

Buy Lemon Juice at Amazon

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In Summary

Lemon juice can be used to make almost any type of food or drink.

It’s easy for you to find bottled lemon juice in most local grocery stores.

You can also find a wide range of brands offering different types of lemon juice.

These include 100 percent pure juice and lemon juice with sugar.

You now know where you can find lemon juice at the supermarkets — and where it is most likely to be found.

Lemon juice is a supermarket’s wild card.

If you’re looking for lemonade at your local supermarket, try the produce aisle, the condiments section, and the juice aisle.

Lemon juice is available in different sections of a supermarket, depending on the type and its intended use.

This article should have helped you find out where to buy lemon juice at your local grocery store. Thank you for reading.


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